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Together, we can stop this dangerous, costly, and outdated deal.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the world’s largest trade and investment agreement, covering 12 Pacific Rim countries

New Zealand
United States

Harper negotiated the TPP in secret during his last years in power, and was dishonest with the public about what the deal actually meant, because he knew we would find it unacceptable.

And no wonder... TPP is a dangerous, costly, and outdated deal.

The TPP benefits corporations and the super wealthy at the expense of the things we care about, like a strong democracy, fair economy, and safe environment.

Sold to the public as a trade deal to help exports, independent studies show it wont do much for our economy, but will have impacts on our day-to-day lives – from driving up the cost of medicine to increasing the cost of education, and so much more

It’s not a strong democracy if it doesn’t work for us.

Corporate lobbyists are pressuring the new government to ratify the deal because the TPP is good for them - bad for us. 

The Trudeau Liberals haven’t made up their mind on the TPP. They've promised to make a special effort to listen to people across Canada about the TPP, and they want to hear from you. 

Together we can help our new leader make the right decision.

It’s not a healthy democracy if we’re not informed

Public opinion polls show that most Canadians are still unfamiliar with what’s in the TPP. If we’re being asked to weigh in on a complex 6,000 page deal, we need to understand it.

Informed by expert research, this website was put together to help people across the country learn more about the TPP and the ways it could affect our lives.